Innovation from product conception and manufacturing to logistics and distribution.

A fundamental premise for Roca is the firm belief that technological innovations are an essential element to achieving progressive development and permanent improvement in any activity. For this reason, the most advanced technology is used in all its subsidiaries and throughout the production process.

Roca is committed to innovation, all the way from product conception and design of the product to its production, logistics and distribution. Technological excellence extends to all our factories around the world, facilitating the creation of synergies and guaranteeing the highest quality throughout the production process. Based on the experiences obtained in all our production centres, the Technology Department devotes its efforts to continuing to perfect the whole process of developing and manufacturing new products in order to maintain our leading position in industrial and technological capacity.

Roca’s constant technological innovation has the sole objective of providing the best possible service to our customers. For this reason, its R&D&I departments analyse the needs and aspirations of society to adapt the company’s products to new market conditions. This adaptation process is not only carried out on the based on aesthetic and modern principles but is also generated with the aim of improving people’s quality of life.

The Roca Innovation Lab is a dynamic team of conceptual designers, with multidisciplinary and international experience, which aim to offer innovative product proposals that go further than the mere formal design.

This team is part of the Roca Design Centre, and offer a alternative perspective to challenges that may already exist in the bathroom space. They are focused on finding solutions to the existing challenges in the bathroom space that still do not have an adequate response among the existing offering in our product catalogue.

This research for new solutions is inspired in the current needs of our customers, but also trends give us an insight into the parameters that are likely to shape our society in the coming years.

Aspects such as sustainability, ageing populations and changes in lifestyles (really any macro trend which may affect our society or homes), will have an impact on our customer's needs in the bathroom space over time. That is why these changes are constantly being monitored, explored and considered by the team in the Roca Innovation Lab and why they are always present in their work.

In addition to proposing conceptual solutions for bathroom products, the Roca Innovation Lab organises interdepartmental work sessions which encourage the development of innovative products and give support to other Roca initiatives, where less conventional points of view can add value to the decisions taken.

All in all, the Roca Innovation Lab’s mission is to create products that have differentiating features which have clear benefits for our customers. It is our commitment to the future to continue creating a sustainable and long-lasting global company in an ever dynamic environment with increasingly demanding challenges.