Ramon Benedito

The logical confrontation between technology and design has led him to a synthesis of results that fit the requirements of our time.

A Barcelona industrial designer with a world-wide reputation – and a worldwide prize-winner. Over the 20 years he has worked with Roca he has employed a design criteria that can be summed up in a single sentence: rigour as a method.



A design ideal for complex and virtually impossible spaces that adapts perfectly and faces up to the challenges posed by modern-day interiors to achieve a maximum adaptability whose only contribution is positive, without compromising on design.


This collection is the stylistic proposal were warmth and serenity join forces to create a solid and singular collection inspired by balance and the distinction of geometrical forms.


Robustness and functionality go hand in hand with this collection. The straight lines, basic and stylish, predominate in this commitment to versatile, lively and practical pieces, which blend perfectly into any space and imbue it with a young and urbane personality.


Stylised, pure and elegant forms add a touch of distinction and class to each space. With this series, every piece is conceived to achieve maximum functionality, facilitating every user's daily tasks. Strength, versatility and convenience are the main attributes of these high quality and easy-to-handle pieces.


This collection is regarded as a benchmark where bathroom fitting design is concerned, not only because of its physical and design qualities but also because of its efficiency and functionality. Its timeless designs form a perfect combination for the most modern of bathroom spaces.


A proposal that can bring an air of freshness and originality to every corner. Slim and curvaceous, This series' singularity is seductive and its valiant functionality is ever so convincing.


Asymmetrical shapes transport us to an organic inspiration while ensuring that every piece is well balanced. Elegance and exoticism are inseparable in this collection, which is both sophisticated and functional at the same time.


A robust design. this collection is defined by the smoothness of its curves and refined lines. The result is a balanced, elegant, thought-provoking and sophisticated shower tray of great quality and robustness.


This series' design has opted for solid, invigorating and stylish forms, where rigour and serenity make it distinct yet adaptable to any style proposal.


From a formal viewpoint, Ramón Benedito has made the very most of this collection he offers us. He conserves the classical structures of the different elements in the bathroom but with a new perspective. The pieces are compact with forms that seek the essential. Their simplicity creates an uncluttered space that is committed to bathroom spaciousness as the basis of its character and functionality.


Elegant and refined, this collection is an appealing and functional proposal thought of to enable you to make the most of every shower space quickly and easily. Versatile and practical, this series is the solution whose elements are all swathed in convenience and elegance.